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A £300,000 boost for this care home business? 💷


A smart move by this small care group.

📊 Whilst Business Coaching a small group of care homes I quickly noticed that profits seemed inconsistent between the homes within the group.

I strongly suspected this was due to staff cost and set about profiling and costing the staff at each homes, whilst bench-marking them against each other, AND a comparator group of independent homes.

The results were startling and showed where big savings could be made by providing a new staffing model.

👍 As a good responsible provider, enjoying a great reputation, this group were still able to maintain staffing levels that far EXCEED their comparators, as an organisational choice, whilst STILL saving over £300,000 per year.

👷 These savings could then be put back into the homes to finance refurbishment and upgrades.

Not a bad few days work, even if I do say so myself.


Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach who specialises in helping Care Provider companies increase profitability.

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