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And I thought I was so good at social care marketing....

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

mobile phone displaying broken link

Recently, as part of my Certified Business Coach I attended a CPD event. During one of the sessions we discussed the importance of your website as viewed on a MOBILE device.

📱Around 60% of website traffic is through a mobile device!

So most of the attendees fumbled in their pockets and started to look at their websites on their phones, and so, with a sense of smugness, did I....... I was sure I was one of the good ones.

How wrong I was.

I found broken links, pages that didn't format correctly, articles out of sequence and more....

Whilst depressing it taught me an invaluable lesson. Don't just THINK everything is OK. Check it, get someone else to check it. Test everything. It could be losing you valuable customers.

If you approach me as a potential client or want to improve your social care marketing, I will let you into a secret. I am going to check your website on my mobile. It's normally an easy win for me.

Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach and Consultant. His mission is to make YOUR business more profitable and help you both reinvest back into the business whilst creating a Dream Life. He can be contacted on 07511 867 944 or email by clicking the link below

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