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Are Business Coaches Expensive

The question you are likely to be asking is 'Are Business Coaches Expensive'

And the answer is No

And sometimes Yes

Let me explain

A Business Coach should not be a liability to your business but an Asset. That is to say they should fulfil a number of criteria

1. They should be making your business more profitable - therefore in effect paying for themselves over, and over again.

2. They should help you with the long term rhythmic acquisiton of new clients, predictably and sustainably, therefore guarenteeing your long term future

3. They should help you

  • Stabilise your business. Smooth out the ups and downs of income and expenditure

  • Optimise your systems to ensure regular clients, and regular income

  • Maximise those systems, tweak them, enhance what's working and stop what isn't to ensure maximum efficiency

If your Business Coach does not do this then Yes. They are expensive

Now I know what it is like for a struggling businesses, you want help, desperately need help, but are worried about the cost.

That is why I have come up with my Easy as 123 promise

1. No contracts. You can leave whenever you want

2. A 3 month guarantee. If you take all the actions that we agree on, I will refund your fees, (minus the small cost of materials that I will send you), but are yours to keep

3. A low cost start up programme, for businesses with a turnover of less than £50k a year I offer a reduced fee for the first 3 months.

Now with an offer like that I should be expensive right?


My monthly fee is just £500 a month. This includes all materials, your twice monthly calls, and me as your accountability buddy with a wealth of experience, and a proven system for marketing and client acquisition.

And with the lost cost start up reducing that fee to £300 for the first three months, there really is not a better time to get cracking and turn professional.

So take that first step

Give me a ring on 07511 867944 (I am on UK time) or complete the contact form on this website

I look forward to hearing from you

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