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Are you a social care business fool?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

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Being a business fool has cost me sleep, money and on occasion, reputation

I always thought the role of a Professional Business person was to save money, to add ££'s to my bottom line. 💷💷

And it that sort of makes sense

Except I went way to far

I tried to do everything myself

❌ I made the website myself

❌ Produced all my own marketing materials

❌ Built courses

❌ Run Facebook and Google Ads

Oh, and so much more 

I thought I knew my numbers….

I was a business fool

I could have saved

✅ Time (A LOT of time) 

Time I could have spent speaking to prospects, leads and clients and creating real, lasting, relationships 

✅ Money

Money I could have spent on proper PROFESSIONAL services to save me time and money

✅ My sanity

Being a business owner is stressful enough

If you own a Social Care business, including consultancy, and have an inkling you are being a business fool, perhaps it’s time for a quick chat.

It could be the best £0 you ever spent

And may just save your sanity…



Martyn Dawes is a certified Business Coach specialising in helping Social Care businesses get out of the rough, and run profitable businesses that work for them.

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