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Are you Staffing your Social Care Business EFFICIENTLY

Updated: Jul 11, 2023


Staff are your most expensive resource so it is essential that a properly costed staffing profile is in place for your social care business.

I have been to a number of homes recently where this clearly was not the case. The organisation of staff was the culmination of many years culture and change, rather than a clearly defined structure.

Over the years roles can become blurred, unusual customs and practice can creep in, and these take some unravelling.

When assessing an organisation's staffing structure I look at the 5 R's.

Right Number, in the

Right Place, doing the

Right Job, for the

Right Length of Time, at the

Right Pay Scale

Following these simple rules have enabled me to identify huge costs savings, often even after costing in pay increases to make the role more attractive to applicants.

When was the last time you undertook a staff profile exercise to ensure maximum efficiency?

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