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Being Busy Doesn't Get You Clients

There’s a common safe place for coaches and therapist:

Being busy.

You are full on, all day.

You are frantically moving from one thing to another. One training course to another.

You think you will attract clients when you are 'ready', and that is not quite yet.

You never paused to catch your breath, and now you’re exhausted, broke and thinking of giving it all up

Because there are no points for busy.

You get points for successful prioritisation.

You get points for spending time on the right things - not just the urgent things.

You get points for being efficient and productive.

You get points for doing work that matters. That moves you forward.

That gets you clients.

That makes profit.

But Being Busy Doesn't Get Clients

Wise up.

Have a great week, - & if you want help to crack the rhythmic acquisition of customers & get all the leads and enquiries your business needs – SYSTEMATICALLY - then give me a ring on 07511 867944

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