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Don't Lose the Leads You Already Have

Do you want to know how you are already losing 10's if not 100's of leads per month from the phone alone?

Would you be surprised to know that it is highly likely you are losing these leads EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T THINK YOU ARE?

In this article I am going to show you FOUR quick and easy fixes to how you receive and react to telephone enquiries that you can do RIGHT NOW to help get more new clients in 2023.


1. Just Answer the DAMN PHONE!

📞 When was the last time you phoned a company and gave up trying to talk to someone after they failed to even answer the phone. What do you do? Normally you simply move onto the next company in the list. Don't let this happen to you.

2. Not calling customers who leave you their number.

🤳 Sounds crazy doesn't it?Prospects can leave a contact number and for a variety of reasons we fail to make the call. Perhaps we don't want to come across as 'salesy', so don't sell, just make contact and see how you can help

3. Waiting too long to return a call

⏱️ Did you know that returning a call within 10 mins gives you an 85% chance of making sale. After 3 hrs this drops to under 30%. (research conducted by a company experience high volume calls)

4. Getting the telephone numbers but giving up too easily

🏳️ It's no good calling 2 or 3 times and giving up? Your prospect has given you their number so try it at different times of the day, including out of hours if you are not getting an answer.

Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach and Consultant. His mission is to make YOUR business more profitable and help you both reinvest back into the business whilst creating a Dream Life. He can be contacted on 07511 867 944 or email by clicking the link below

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