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Eggsellent Service in the Social Care Sector

Soft boiled egg and soldiers

🥚🥚I ordered 4 egg cups 🥚🥚

So what?

Well here is why this transaction stands out.

On Monday I visited a Cook shop.

We decided we needed 4 egg cups, but in-store they only had 3 in the design we wanted.. 🥺

No worries said the helpful assistant, I will order them for you today and we will get the sent out from the warehouse. My expectation was we would get them by the end of the week and that was OK.

🕰️So at about 5.30pm we ordered our egg cups.

⏲️ By 7.14pm we had email confirmation that our order had been received and dispatched.

Our egg cups were delivered at 10.30 am the next day.

What an example of great service. Fast, efficient and inexpensive.

I talk about customer service a lot and service in the Social Care Sector is so very important.

In a world where expectations are high, what are you doing to wow your customers?

👏👏Take a bow for your wow, ProCook 👏👏

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