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😱 If you are a Social Care Provider then Your Website Sucks.

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And here's why:

I have yet to see a decent website from a Social Care provider. Here are the common issues:

😩They are boring and corporate. Swap logos with any other company and you probably wouldn't notice.

➡️ Copy is vague and BORING!

➡️ Images are stock or BORING!

➡️ It's all me, me, me. This is what WE do, what services WE provide. Turn it around, talk about the problems you solve, show you understand.

➡️ They do not use video. And IF they do, it's not personal.

➡️ There is not enough 'Calls to Action'.

➡️ There is no USEFUL content and information. (this is also a GREAT way of driving traffic)

➡️ They are not formatted effectively for Mobile. 65% of visitors will be on mobile.

➡️ Contact forms ask for too much information. It will put people off.

➡️ SEO is not effective

➡️ Google and Social Media tracking is not installed. This will allow you to target and run remarking campaigns.

'Above the fold' is the content shown before scrolling. It should answer these 4 critical questions:

✴️ Who is this for?

✴️ What Do You Do?

✴️ Why Should I Care?

✴️ What Now?

Want a free website audit? Just DM me. I will give you feedback via a video talking through your website.

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