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Increase your Care income by 10K a WEEK

This was horrible! 🤢

You have probably heard the old saying 'People buy from people.'

I have spent a few days tweaking my website ( and one of the things I always tell my business coaching clients is to use video. Use it in their emails, automation sequences, and especially on their website.

I was a hypocrite as I didn't have any video on my homepage and decided to put that right. So I recorded this.

It felt horrible, I look awful and sound robotic. But for now it is good enough. I will upgrade it at some point in the future when I get better.

Video is important for your website. It helps you stand out amongst the competition.

In Marcus Sheridan's brilliant book 'They Ask, You Answer', Video is one of the cornerstones of effective marketing. His advice is to just do it and don't worry too much about the mistakes, it makes it more 'human.'

So here is my effort, warts and all. In it I explain how I increased a care homes income by a massive 10K per week!

To 'celebrate' I am offering a complimentary business laser-coaching session to everyone booking a 'Meet with Martyn' session with (well obviously..) me. The link is here

This is not just a chat, so bring a pad because I will be giving you loads of useful nuggets and information on how to move your business forwards.

See you on the call!

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