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For this Social Care Business, it’s all Kevin Costner’s fault….

Field of Dreams

It’s all Kevin Costner’s fault….

⚾ In his 1989 film, Field of Dreams, Kevin Costner was being urged to build a baseball stadium in his field.

'Build it, they will come,' is the famous line from the film.

Unfortunately Derek believed it.

Who is Derek I hear you ask?

Derek is an entrepreneur who decided to open a Social Care Business.

He had premises, employed staff, but, try as he might he just could not expand his customer base.

📉 Things starting going downhill and Derek started to get desperate.

He had to let staff go as there was simply not enough work.

💸 He was losing money.

During a free consultation with me he admitted that he was not taking any drawings from the business. He was on the brink of collapse and giving it all up.

☹️ Derek put his head in his hands and signed deeply.

'It just won't work, they are not coming.’ He explained.

I had to break it to him gently.

'If you build it people will NOT just come…'

People need to know:

👉 Who you are.

👉 Where you are, and

👉 What you do.

👉 They need to trust and like you.

Marketing and Social media content is about hitting these factors.

Being helpful, producing USEFUL content!

Don’t just build and hope.

Create something special.

Let people know who you are and how YOU can help solve THEIR problems.

Customers will then come to you.

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