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Minor tweaks make BIG changes

Today I'm gonna talk to you about the importance of knowing your numbers.

Now, we know that a recession is looming and it's gonna hit the care sector. We know that prices are going up. So understanding your numbers is really, really important.

I have found that the majority of providers don't know their numbers and they don't know how they can make those small improvements that will really help their bottom line.

So this chart here is a typical small care home. This one's got 26 beds. Their occupancy target here is 24. Their current occupancy is 22. They're breaking even, or making a small loss every year. And this is where a lot of homes are finding themselves at the moment.

Everybody that I coach in my coaching packages understands their key numbers. And we go through this at least twice a month so we know exactly where we are and what's going on in, in their business. In this short video I discuss how the power of minor changes can make a BIG difference to your bottom line

If you want help getting your numbers right just give me a ring on 07511 867944 or email

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