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Pricing Blindspots in Social Care

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Pricing Blindspots in Social Care: The Mindset Mistake Costing This Business £145k+ Annually. 💰

During a recent Zoom session, a glaring business oversight emerged. The client, passionate about his Social Care Business, was inadvertently creating a £145K dent in his revenue.

The problem? His mindset. 🤔 He valued his top-tier service lower than competitors. A common trap: fearing price hikes would harm his service.

Key signs your pricing model needs a revisit:

1. Service at or near full capacity with weak profits.

2. Inadequate personal pay.

3. Living month-to-month.

4. Doubts about future viability.

Pricing is central to the Business Advance programme. 📈

A roadmap for businesses:

1. Value Review: Audit your offerings periodically.

2. Articulate Your USP.

3. Stay Market-Savvy: Benchmark against peers.

4. Commit to Growth: Mindset and strategic planning.

5. Implement regular price checks.

In Social Care, understanding self-worth and market demands is key. Mindset alignment with market reality fuels growth. 🌱

Spotlighting this £145k+ oversight prompts a question: Where else are we undervaluing ourselves? 🧐

Enter Martyn Dawes: The Social Care Business Coach ready to guide you to a profitable, resilient business. 👥📊

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