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Seeking Validation From Others Is Keeping you Stuck

What we think we want is confined to a specific place.

This very narrow viewpoint limits our options for success, growth and achievement because it is simply based on who WE think we are.

We look for validation outside of us, but those people we seek validation and a sense of self worth from, are doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

They have their own sense of limitation, their own belief system and restricted view, and yet we are seeking our self worth from them!

It doesn’t really make sense does it.

Seeking validation in this way is embedded in a place of fear.

And fear is not one of the best ingredients for success. Fear creates limits, it creates edges.

But what if we did it differently?

What if we did not come from fear, or a sense of lack, or from seeking validation? What if we decided to come from the endless and unlimited possibilities of the universe?

When you’re looking at what you truly want, what your heart desires, then that heart needs to be open, expanded and available.

Do not come from fear and a place of lack. This is playing safe.

And safe is stagnant.

It keeps you where you are and prevents growth

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