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Social Care Customer Reviews: Are you missing out on this secret weapon...?

Review feedback

You always check out the hotel reviews before booking your holiday right? It is good to see what experience others have said so you can make an informed choice.

But what about if you were to hand over your most treasured possesion into somebody else's care? Wouldn't you want to find out all you can BEFORE you make a decision?

And that is why Social Care Customer Reviews are so important for your care business. But the simple truth is this is an area that is not given the status it deserves.

The major review platforms for care providers is (Care Homes) or (Home Care agencies)

A good score on these platforms reassures potential customers that you are a reputable service that provides quality care. These sites only take reviews from family members with a few notable exceptions (Clergy, Regular Volunteers, IMCA among those).

All others, including current staff members can be directed to Google to help build your presence there.

So what about Google Reviews?

As a care business, your online reputation is just as crucial as providing excellent service to your clients. Potential clients are highly likely to Google search for your business online, and will therefore come across your reviews, before deciding to trust your services.

Google reviews provide social proof of your business's quality.

They help to:

1. Improve your search engine ranking,

2. Give valuable feedback, and

3. Help build a loyal client base.

It is vital that you respond to EVERY SINGLE Google review, good and bad. It shows you are a real, live business.

Getting Reviews

Here are 7 ways to increase your reviews:

1️⃣ Ask people! Crazy I know, but if you don't ask, you rarely get.

2️⃣ Have a tablet in reception and ask people to complete a review online when they visit.

3️⃣ Give them a review form and ask them to complete it there and then. You can be even more helpful by offering to post it for them.

4️⃣ If you have had a positive conversation with a visitor, then take that opportunity to ask for a review there and then.

5️⃣ Have a link for reviews in the signature of your email

6️⃣ Don’t forget Google reviews. Those that cannot review on or, can on Google

7️⃣ Have a system in place that can intercept a bad review and give you the opportunity to correct before publication


Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach who will help you increase profitability.

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