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Social Care Provider: "I was ready to give up......"

dog carrying it's own lead

I must admit yesterday I got a bit teary.. 🥲

But not for the reasons you would expect.

Yesterday a Business Coaching client messaged me. They had just reached a key milestone we had set, and achieved a significant 6 figure profit as well. 🍾

They told me that when we had our initial conversation 8 months ago she was ready to give up as a social care provider.

📉 Making a Loss

😰 Stressed and Anxious

❌ Couldn't see the way ahead

We had had a chat and they decided to enrol on a Business Coaching package. This must have been a tough decision when you are already losing money, but I knew we could make a difference.

We started work together and very soon things started to change. 📈

It has not always been an easy journey BUT

🎯 We have stuck to the plan

⚖️ Reviewed and measured

🛒 Marketed more effectively

And today I am feeling proud, emotional, and even a little smug (I hope you will forgive that), for the journey they have been on.

🎁 Problem is, now I need to buy them another success present as a reward!

All this success costs me a fortune!

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