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Sun, Service and a Singapore Sling...and why they are EXTREMELY relevant to Social Care providers

Recently I was lucky enough to enjoy a holiday in Singapore. During the stay I scraped all my pennies together to have enough to stay just 1 night in the iconic Raffles Hotel, home to the Singapore Sling cocktail.

That 1 night in Raffles was more expenive than 5 nights in our regular hotel but....

Guess which one we are talking about the most

Guess which one we felt offered great VALUE

Guess which one epitomised service but.......

wait for it.......

....didn't particularly do anything SPECIAL. What they did, was exceptional, but nothing other hotels largely couldn't replicate.

Making guests feel IMPORTANT


A FOCUS on the customer EXPERIENCE

And as a result of getting all these things right, they could increase their prices, and still offer VALUE

What can you do too increase your value offering?

Or are you simply trying to be the cheapest?

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