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The 4 key factors that will have social care clients beating at your door.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It is easy to think of Your Business as a ‘Special case’, where traditional market factors do not affect the  success and profitability of a business.

In his book Oversubscribed (2020, Capstone), Daniel Priestley describes the 4 key factors that drive a business towards having all the clients they want. This factors are as true in Social Care as they are in the wider market.

1.      Innovation.

Some providers embrace the latest technology for a number of reasons

a.      Provide a better service to outside agencies, relatives etc

b.      Keep costs low

c.       Ease of use and effectiveness

2.      Relationship.

By promoting and maintaining  great relationships with potential social care clients, good Facebook and social media interaction, newsletters and consistent information giving a provider can enable themselves to a position of being the natural choice in the market. Being a voice in the marketplace, and getting noticed will aall help drive clients to the doorstep.

3.      Convenience.

Great advertising, marketing, enquiry processes and physical location can make a service stand out.

4.      Price.

By keeping costs competitive whilst still being able to make a profit providers can attract that section of the market.

Identifying which you are, and really concentrating on developing this niche can help drive a profitable business. It is rare for a business to compete in 2 of the factors though. For instance, being the most technologically advanced can hinder competing on price. Relationship and Convenience are the 2 most obvious bedfellows.

If you no longer want to compete on price, especially pertinent in the current climate, then you will need to focus on one of the other 3.

Don’t allow your business to spiral downwards.

Now is the time to stop, choose and act.

Give me a ring on 07511 876944 to start to rhythmically and sustainabley attract clients



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