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The 7 things that got me from Amateur to Professional

Becoming a professional means adopting a different mindset, a laser like focus on your business that means you must turn from an enthusiastic amateur to a professional business person.

These are 7 steps I undertook on my journey. These got me started.

1. I got out of my own way. This was a Biggie. I was constantly second guessing myself and stopping myself take action

2. I took action. One small step is all that is needed right now

3. I built my audience by niching down

4. I offered great value content and lots of free stuff on my website

5. I learnt the building blocks every coach needs to know to succeed

7. Lastly I learnt how to grow my client base rhythmically and sustainably without feeling yucky and salesy and being AUTHENTIC

What helped you turn professional?

Martyn Dawes is a business coach specialist with Coaches and Therapists. His goal is to enable them to grow their business rhythmically, authentically and systematically.

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