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The Editors got it EXACTLY right! 🎯

🎓 Birmingham based Indie band Editors taught me a lesson this morning.

One of my favourite tracks is 'An End Has A Start,' and listening to it this morning something hit me hard.

Like a tonne of bricks in fact. 👊

I have been developing a new service that is literally going to change the scene for online marketing and enquiry management for care providers. It is simply awesome.


🤷‍♂️ Setting it up requires a technical know-how I simply don't have.

And that has led to a lot of dithering on my part. I am someone who likes to do things myself, but my time is precious. I have spent too long deliberating and not enough time delivering.

I was looking to the End when what I needed to do was simply Start.

So I got a freelancer to do it for me.

Are you doing £11 an hour work, when you are worth £30, £50 or £100+ an hr?

It doesn't make sense.

Just take the first step.

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