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The magic KEY to getting more social care customers

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Are you giving your social care customers what they NEED or what they WANT.

The difference is this.

People buy what they WANT, but we are selling what they NEED (or worse, what we think they need).

Want and Need are 2 very different things

Nobody NEEDS a Rolex watch, they WANT one. They could have bought a cheap Swatch that will do exactly same thing.

WANT is aspirational, it speaks to a higher self. It satisfies something inside of us.

Appealing to customer wants is a smart step for ANY business.

What does your customer base WANT?

What are you marketing?

What they WANT or what they NEED

If you need help in acquiring a consistent, reliable and rhythmic flow of customers contact me at or ring me on 07511 876944

luxury watch

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