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The Milkman and the Social Care Business Coach

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But you may be making this simple mistake…

In the last few months I signed up to a doorstep milk delivery service, and I love it.

I love the fact that twice a week I open the door and there is 3 pints of freshly squeezed milk.

I love the NOSTALGIA of putting the milk bottles out. Every time I do it it triggers happy memories.

♻️ I love the fact the bottles are recycled

❤️ I love pushing down on the foil cap and hearing the slight hiss of the broken seal

And I think it tastes better as well


I went online to pay my bill and came across a list of other items it could deliver.

📃 It was a simple word list, no photos and very little description. It was PURELY functional.

Until that point I didn’t know it existed, and the list was long and BORING.

As a Social Care Business Coach my mind immediately saw many mistakes, and lost sales.

The whole purpose of the doorstep delivery is convenience, but:

➡️ The customers did not know about the service.

➡️ There were no regular reminders

➡️ The website was dull

➡️ There were obstacles in the way of the purchase

This is how I would have done it.

✅ A monthly colour leaflet left with the milk. Bright, engaging and with a call to action.

✅ A simple tick box people could use and leave out with the empties.

✅ No need to go online, login in (trying to remember the password), navigating to the boring list, and selecting what you want.

There are lessons for Social Care Providers.

😊 Make sure people know about your service

😊 Give them ALL the information required to make an informed choice

😊 Make it easy to buy or get information

😊 Keep the steps as few as possible

😊 Keep your marketing material fun and engaging

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