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A Presidential Approach to Time Management

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

As managers we have busy lives. We head into the office with a clear idea of what we want to achieve that day, and before long it all goes out the window and we are back to fire-fighting mode again, caught up in the issues of the day. And we never catch up.

Is this you? I would guess it is at least some of the time

It is emotionally and physically draining.

The Eisenhower Matrix was inspired by President Eisenhower, a President well known for his ability to stack up accomplishments. He was Gallup’s Most Inspired Man Of The Year no less than twelve times.

Eisenhower knew the difference between Important and Urgent.

The Eisenhower Matrix is for you if you:

· Spend all day fire-fighting

· Are busy all day but feel like nothing gets done

· Often go home feeling like you haven’t achieved anything

· Have long term goals that never seem to progress, or progress really slowly

· Can’t seem to delegate effectively

Step one is to download the Matrix from my website

Step 2 is to fill in the box as you go through the day. As you do each task write it into the task box and tick the rating box you feel is most relevant from Important and Urgent to Not Important and Not Urgent.

The Matrix contains 4 boxes

· Important and Urgent

· Important but Not Urgent

· Not Important and Urgent

· Not Important and Not Urgent

Just write in a quick outline of the task. Before too long you will start to build up a picture of what you are spending your day doing. Which column has the most ticks? What are you spending most of your time doing?

Be honest and ruthless. This task comes into the Important and Urgent Category

Tomorrow we will look at what we are going to do with this information to save you time, and possibly your sanity

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