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🤝 The Secrets of Selling Social Care 🤝

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

🔒 During March I am going to be unlocking the Secrets to Selling Social Care, and sharing what providers consistently get wrong 🫢

This week I am talking about Online Presence

1. Your website.

Ask yourself this question🙋

'If I took off my logo and put a competitors on would it make any difference?

Most Social care websites are indistinguishable from each other. The same boring images, same wording and same themes. You do not stand out. There is nothing in your marketing that shows you are special

2. Your Mobile Website

Look at your website on a mobile device. After all, over 65% of your clients are going too.

You will find ill-formatted pages, broken links, and forms that don't work. Fix it

3. Google

Google is the world's most visited website. I still come across businesses who have not claimed their 'Google My Business' profile. Please check and DO IT NOW.

And if they have, they are not using it to its full potential..

4. Social Media

Do you have regular FaceBook posts showing engagement, fun and interesting stories?

TikTok was the worlds most visited site in 2021. It is a MASSIVE marketplace ripe for development. Similarly with Instagram

Your online presence is the window to your business. Having an

🌐 Engaging website,

🤔Regular engaging social media posts,

And an up to date and informative Google presence is the first step.

If you need help you can book a free consultation.

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