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The Secrets of Selling Social Care Part 2

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

😃 As a rule people are seeking happiness


💰 Resources are limited

They would be HAPPY to part with money for something they value MORE, but never less.

Many Social care providers make the mistake of trying to sell THEMSELVES, and not the SOLUTION they offer.

To put it simply:

✅ Find their motivation to buy

👉 Peace of mind

👉 Difficulty in coping alone

👉 Life enrichment benefits from a more stimulating environment

as examples

✅ Summarise what you have found out about your customer

👉 'So your mother / father / grandparent is finding it hard to cope alone'

👉 'This is stressful for you as you are constantly worried'

👉 'You want peace of mind knowing they will be well cared for'

✅ Now 'present' your service

⚠️ Notice I did not say SELL ⚠️

If you have followed steps 1 and 2 properly, then this is your chance to SHOW how YOU can solve THEIR problem

👉 Now you are offering solutions, not selling care

👉 Your are showing how you can HELP them

✅ Invite questions and deal with any concerns

✅ Close the deal

Selling social care can be made easier by following these simple guidelines

Next week I will be going a little more into VALUE v PRICE.


Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach whose Business Advance Programme is transforming the profitability of Social Care companies across the UK.

If you need help just book a free consultation.

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