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🤫 The Secrets of Selling Social Care - Part 3 🤫

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

This could be a VERY costly mistake

We often have a night out, and stay over, in London.

🛌 Our usual choice of accommodation is one of the various Travelodge's. These cost from £40-120 for the nights we usually want. We make this choice on PRICE. Travelodge has a commodity (a room) that we need.

🍾 Last year, for a special occasion we stayed at The Ritz. It cost over £1100. This was clearly not a decision based on PRICE! It was based on VALUE.

We followed 3 basic rules

1. People seek happiness (we all want to be happy right?)

2. Happiness is relative (what makes you happy may not make me happy)

3. Resources are limited (what am I going to use of my resources, to make me happy)

Not everyone would be happy to spend over £1100 for a night at The Ritz (it’s relative remember and resources are limited). But we were and for us it was worth every penny. We are saving up for the day we can go back.

Travelodge sells a room (a commodity which drives a decision on price)

The Ritz sells an EXPERIENCE ( a value based decision)

If you are selling social care you can sell on PRICE, an hour of your time, or a bed in your home


You can sell on VALUE, solving a problem, providing peace of mind.

Both are valid approaches with very different marketing strategies.

💷 And very different profit margins

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