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The Secrets of Selling Social Care - Part 5

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Embrace the Competition

I am currently holidaying in Singapore, famous for its 'Hawker Markets'. These markets can house up to 200 food stalls with a wide range in specialities.

🍜 Many stalls have just 1 or 2 dishes that they concentrate on, to get them as perfect as possible

⭐ So perfect in fact some have even won Michelin stars. A Michelin star meal can be had for less than £5!

These stalls celebrate the competition. It makes them stronger as they strive to stand out.

A Care Home client was concerned that a new home was being built close by, and that as a result

1. Occupancy would suffer


2. Income would suffer.

They were going to drop their fees in order to compete.

My advice surprised them

⤴️ Increase your fees

🥳 Market your uniqueness as a small family run home with an excellent reputation

🤫 Never 'diss' the competition

📈 Simply do what you do, and strive for consistent improvement.

The home is now consistently full.

Fees and income are at an all time high, staff satisfaction is high as they can afford to pay well.

Customer satisfaction is high as staff are happy.

So when it comes to selling social care, don't be scared of a little competition. Use it to drive improvement, celebrate what makes your service unique.


Martyn Dawes is a Social Care Business Coach. Book a free consultation using this link

Download his free guide at

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