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The two figures many Care Company owners don't know.

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And it is a real surprise...

To run a successful, and profitable, business, there are 2 big figures care company owners need to know. In this short post we will look at the first, more commonly known of the 2.

1️⃣ How much income is generated from the average 'unit' of care. This can be:

🕦 A 'Care Hour' for a Home Care company,


🛏️ the average weekly fee per bed

Once you have this average figure then you know that:

📈 Any new clients above that fee will increase your Average Weekly Fee (Or average hourly fee). This is GOOD

📉Any new clients below that fee will decrease your Average Weekly Fee (Or average hourly fee). This is BAD

This is the simplest of simple metrics that go into the weekly Scorecard that my clients use as a measure of success.

There are others but this is the foundation.

Next time we will look at the metric that most Care owners don't know, but really should!

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