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The TWO reasons new coaches and therapists fail

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Today I'm going to talk to you about the two main reasons why coaches and therapists fail, before they even get going.

So without further ado, let's dive in with reason number one.

Reason number ONE

Most therapists and coaches start out doing this part-time, as a side hustle or an additional income to their main job. It's almost like a hobby to them, and that is fine but the problem is that the hobby remains just that, a hobby.

That side hustle remains a side hustle.

And we never transition from being a hobbyist, running a side hustle to a professional business person.

And that is where we fail, because first of all a successful therapist or coach needs to be a PROFESSIONAL business person. And know how to run a successful business.

Reason number TWO

You do not have in place a SYSTEM FOR A RYTHMIC FLOW of customers into your business.

Each month as customers roll off a package, we START worrying about where our next client is going to come from. Or even worse, we operate on a session by session basis and that causes tension, and tension can come across. Tension can cause panic and any potential clients WILL note the panic. They will pick it up OFF OF YOU and when we become needy we become creepy. So let's not do that.

So what is there to do?

1. We need to operate and run our business professionally. This is the age of the PROFESSIONAL business person. Do you have a business bank account, an accountant or accountancy package, a website?

2. We need to understand where our customers come from. We need a rhythmic flow of customers into our business, and that means a number of things. It could be advertising in the right places. It would mean talking to the right people. It means acquiring a CONSISTENT, RHYTHMIC flow of new customers

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