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🙌 This weeks wins for a social care business 🙌

A happy dog following social care business coaching
Another satisfied customer

A HUGE win for one of my lovely clients....

It is fair to say that my social care business client was a bit reluctant to increase their fees. This is understandable BUT

👉 Their reputation locally is SUPERB

👉 The quality of their care and service is also SUPERB

👉 In my opinion they were undercharging 🙁

They had made the common mistake of focusing on PRICE, rather than VALUE. This is something I have been focusing on about over my last few posts.

But finally they bit the bullet and increased fees. The Registered Manager was resistant. She feared it would lead to a loss of prospective clients. This thought process was coming from the right place 💜. But as expected she was proved wrong.

🎉 The client has just landed a HUGE package at their new INCREASED rates.

🙌 It has made a SIGNIFICANT difference to their bottom line

Look to where the value is.

E.g. 100 care hours charged at £18 is £1800 PW. if you charge £22 then you only need deliver less than 82 hrs to achieve the same income. And achieve a reduction in staff cost.

But you MUST provide value 💷

So, I am currently improving MY value offer. Although prices will increase slightly (from May onwards), the VALUE will rise immensely.

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