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Using AI in your social care business

Robot on a bench

Are you loving it? Are you using AI in your social care business?

I am loving AI and the constant updates and developments.

Each time I use one of my regular tools I find something new.

Here are some of my current favorites

CopyCoached - Love this. It acts like one of the hugely successful content and marketing coaches and produces simple copy for you. Choose from Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Alex Hormozi, Dan Kennedy amongst others. Currently on Beta test for $97 one-off with no upsell.

Canva - Added a great little app, text to image. Find it in apps on the left hand bar. It does what it says on the tin.

Fliki - this text to video tool has just added a Voice Clone option.

Wix - Instant website and generate AI text direct in the text box by describing a few key words.

Metricool - This social media posting platform will help you generate text for your posts and make it relevant to the specific platform. Choose the tone of language you want as well.

What are your favourites?

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