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We are back to 1983.....

But all is about to change.

This is a Motorola Dyna Tec 8000x.

It was the first commercially available mobile phone and was like a brick.

It could only make a call, and the battery provided 30 minutes of talk time.

It was considered a technological marvel of its time.

Compare this to the smart phone in your pocket right now which has thousands of times more processing power than was used to put a man on the moon.

AI today is the Motorola Dyna Tec. We are right at the start of the journey.

Even over the next 6 months we will see massive advances. If you are not using AI tools right now here are 5 ways they can help.

1. Natural Language Processing: These analyse and understand large volumes of text data, extracting valuable insights and trends from sources.

2. Virtual Assistants: Virtual assistants can assist by providing quick access to information, answering common queries, and automating routine tasks.

3. Predictive Analytics: These tools can look at past information and use it to guess what might happen in the future.

4. Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment analysis tools analyse social media posts, reviews, and other text to gauge the sentiment of individuals, helping us understand public perception and make informed decisions.

5. Smart Decision-Making Tools: These tools analyze complex datasets, identify patterns, and provide recommendations.

Go have have fun. It's not just Chatgpt..

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