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What a silly mistake!

Business Coach conundrum number 3

⛱️🩴Currently on holiday (yes another one!) and have found a rather nice beach location offering sunbeds and umbrella (€7 per person)

Perfectly acceptable and reasonable given the facilities with toilets/showers, 🚿 bar and food available.

Along the sea edge there were these lovely double beds, with a covered seating area giving protection from the sun 🌞. I asked how much they were...

€100 was the answer.

Not a single one of the 10 were occupied.... and hadn't been all day

Now I bang on about value v price ⚖️ but clearly something is wrong here. This picture was taken at 15:40.

They are not competing on price as there is no comparison, except against the standard €7 sunbed.

They are not competing on value as there was no value offer. Take it or leave it.

There are so many great ways these could have been sold. How about

1. An all inclusive option 🥪🍺

2. lunch provided 🌯

3. reduce cost to €40

Just using option 3 would have made €400, the equivalent of selling over 57 sunbeds 😲. And as demand increases the price can edge up to meet demand.

As a social care (or other) business, is your pricing correct? How do you know?

Back to the beach, if this were your business, what would you do?

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