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👑What Queen Elizabeth II REALLY said to me...👑

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Royal Yacht Britannia under London Bridge

During the Eighties I was a chef on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

One of my favourite tasks was helping to 'Dress Ship'.

Ropes, and cables, with flags and bunting attached were laid out along along the length of the ship with sailors at specific stations, waiting for the signal. The chefs station for this task was on the Verandah deck, where the Queen would stand as we entered port.

On the signal we grabbed the ropes and pulled together. And up would go the flags. It was quite a sight!

Except, my station was the last in line. And by then the tension was at its greatest. I would pick up my rope and run, until suddenly, a jolt, and I would be flung off my feet backwards. Every. Single. Time. Others would race to help as we finally secured the rigging.

Just before entering Sydney in 1988 the Queen was touring the ship and came into the galley. She looked at me quizzically and exclaimed..

'Oh, you're the one who has all the trouble with the ropes aren't you!'. She found this highly amusing, as did the rest of the lads.

But, she NOTICED these small things. She NOTICED me, a mere cook.

How often do we notice the cooks, the cleaners, the ones that keep everything going? How often do we say thank you? Or share a 'moment' as I did with Elizabeth II?

That afternoon, as we entered Sydney, I was at my usual place and yes, was flung off my feet yet again.

Looking around I saw her laughing at me....

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