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What's Helen Shapiro got to do with Social Care?

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👣 This financial turnaround only took a few steps.

In 1961 Helen Shapiro had a massive hit with 'Walking back to happiness,' but this owner of a small Care Home certainly wasn't happy.

Like many care homes, low fees were a big issue with both Public and privately funded clients.

These are the 4 simple steps we took to get the home back on the right path for this social care provider.

1️⃣ We completed a fee review template. This quickly showed us which fees needed urgent review but more importantly, where the quick wins were.

2️⃣ We identified 10 clients who were on the wrong rate with the Local Authority. This quick win will bring in over £50,000 per annum.

3️⃣ We rated every room according to size and facilities, and then I produced a tariff that gave a target fee for EVERY room, at every dependency level, instead of the set 'one low fee' system they were currently using. This alone is going to make a MASSIVE difference to income.

4️⃣ We are addressing the massive gap in the enquiry system. Enquiry forms have been introduced and incentivised for staff to complete, and a simple tracker put in place to monitor enquiries

The room rate tariff has given the manager confidence in the new fee rates.

We can now keep track of enquires.

We have put a scorecard in place to measure and monitor progress.

Over the next few months the Average Weekly Fee will start to improve significantly.

This Care Home owner is walking back to happiness, and that makes me happy too.

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