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Your Social care website is boring...

Boring shop window
Boring shop window

Your Social care Website is boring. I have looked a hundreds and they all look the same..

5️⃣🔧 ways to make sure your website is doing its job!

(Read to the end for a free resource....)

1️⃣ Check 'Above the Fold.'

🔝 This refers to the section of your website you see before scrolling. It is the highest real estate on your website. This area should answer 4️⃣ key questions:

👤 Who is this for?

🔨 What do you do?

🤔 Why should I care?

👉 What now?

2️⃣ Engaging Video

🎬 There should be interesting and engaging video prominently positioned. Ideally, this should also answer the 4️⃣ questions above

3️⃣ A clear, uncluttered menu including:

🏢 Company logo in top left.

🗺️ Navigation limited to bare essentials

📞 Phone (Tracking) number clearly visible

🔝 Main Call To Action prominent

4️⃣ Show your business has personality:

🧑💼 Biz owner photo on page;

📸 Video captures essence of business personality;

👥 Real photos of real people are featured throughout;

💓 Business has ‘soul’.

5️⃣ Repeat Calls to Action

🔄 Consistent primary & secondary calls to action that are repeated at least 3️⃣ times on the page.

📝 Call To Action copy is clear and compelling.

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Martyn Dawes is a Business Coach specialising in helping Social Care providers achieve profitability and financial viability.

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