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The Overwhelmed Manager

Managing others can be challenging and stressful. We can all get that overwhelmed feeling from time to time. But what is it? Where does it come from? How can we prevent it? In The Overwhelmed Manager we will be answering all these questions and introducing you ways of managing yourself, and your staff more effectively.


The book is split over 6 sections. 


These are (with a brief description):


1. The Psychology of Overwhelm

What is overwhelm, stress and the role of the brain

2. Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

How we process information, the role of Cognitive Bias and how the brain is constantly tricking us

3. A New Experience of Living.

Introducing a new paradigm for our experience

4. Start with you.

Change starts with you, do you need courage to take action?

5. Leadership and Staff Management

Some staff won't like you - The Love/Hate Ratio, leading your team, dealing with staff, being visible

6. Effective Management Techniques

Problem solving, Decision Making, Dealing with Complaints, Delegation, Time management.


Written in short sections with an easy to read style, The Overwhelmed Manager is accessible to all. Download your FREE pdf copy here: Click HERE

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